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Rock & Roll Lives Forever

What an amazing show at The Ambassador hotel last night! The legend and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton came to town and Salina showed up and showed out!

  As the voice of for the fans I must say xWe went above and beyond to put on a great show! Mr. Morton put on an amazing performance after the American Way decided to rudely interrupt him! The ParaRockstars were there to save the day and join Mr. Morton in the ring for a 6 man, loser gets shaved, tag match!  The end result was The Prodigy Aaron Helms losing the match, and his hair!

   I have been announcing for a little bit now and this by far was the most engaged and vocal crowd to date! I had goosebumps as they screamed "Rock and Roll" in unison! The love showed was absolutely amazing!

  With a sold out house(in fact there were people still coming in and standing along the walls) we were able to raise the most money to date in our 50/50 drawing for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Salina! I feel so humbled by the kindness our fans truly show for such a great organization!

  Overall I would say the show was a success. A few small hiccups in sound (expected for a small, growing community organization) but the superstars of xWe came through! From the Heavywight Title to the Heartland title and the United Liberty quarterfinals, and the Women's Title, they laid it all on the line! The fans were kept on their toes, nay up on their feet, all night. They woke up this morning without a voice because they were so loud! 

  Be sure to catch the next show on October 28th as xWe will present Haunted Havoc! And follow them today at and stay #READYFORACTION!!! 

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