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I Love The 90'S Tour

Tonight my job allowed me to live out a teenage dream(somewhat)! I helped cater to stars that I grew up listening to, was a part of entertaining thousands, and got to give a lift to a childhood icon! 

  I started my day at work at 9am on Saturday. We spent the day setting up dressing rooms, cooking, stocking beer, and preparing to be overrun by alcohol frenzied 90's fans out to party! True to fashion Salina did not disappoint, showing up in 90's outfits, pumped, READY to party, and by the thousands! After hopping sets by my man Coolio, Tone Loc, Young MC, and Rob Base, Vanilla Ice took the stage! 

  He kept the crowd hyped and dancing for over an hour! Afterwards he not only did a meet and greet but he actually hung out with all of his VIP fans! It was truly " Yo VIP, let's kick it!" 

  The after party took place at Outlaws, who for the night became it's 90's bar name Rumors. Coolio graced the good people of Salina with his presence at the party and fans went wild! 

  I ended the night dropping Coolio off at the airport and bidding them farewell! At this point it's been almost 24 hours awake and I'm exhausted, but I'd say it was well worth it! Off to bed, still singing in my head......"come along and ride on a fantastic........"

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