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Voice on Jiggy Jaguar!

Had a great time yesterday on the Jiggy Jaguar Show! It was entertaining to say the least! I went on to promote the Voice For Change campaign and support of xWe.  It was a roller coaster of mayhem and jest, all in good fun!  What I love the most is the fact that no matter what is said or done to him, Jiggy is always laughing! He enjoys life for what it is! He is living his dream and I commend him for that. Also on the show were xWe's Natester, Fenris, Bubba Sutton, and the xWe Champ Aaron "The Prodigy" Helms, Big Dog Jesse Price, Jae Byrd Wells (in a leather catsuit w/ whip) and a few wild add ins here and there! We got to talk wrestling, sports, and about Voice For Change. Overall a wild time! Stay tuned for more and stay READY FOR ACTION!! 

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