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Chris The Voice



    I have been performing on stage for over 20 years.  I have years of public speaking under my belt and I truly love it!  I love the feel of an amped up crowd and the Zen of an engaged audience.
    I am a proud father of 3 amazing children.  My wife of 11 years is a career woman, so I have had the amazing opportunity to be a stay at home dad, and have absolutely loved it!  During this time I have also had the chance to hone my skills as an announcer and voice over actor.  I have a wide open range of voices and accents to work with.
    I am currently a ring announcer for a professional wrestling company, MC for Pro Indoor Football, announce at a race track, and much more!  I am available for all types of engagements, events, weddings,and more.  I am an ordained minister as well!  It is best to be prepared for anything in a live show or event!!!
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